Monday, September 14, 2009

Supply Side Environmentalism Goes Public!

Here is a video of the first public discussion of Supply Side Environmentalism, as applied to current concerns about global warming and energy diversification.  The talk took place last month in Canada at a fascinating annual conference of international think tanks convened by the Atlas Economic Research Foundation.

The crowd in the video is predominantly free market libertarians, so I pitched the talk that way, emphasizing that clean energy tax cuts is a great way to get environmentally concerned progressives and liberals to appreciate tax cuts. Were I to address progressives or liberals, I would rather emphasize that my approach is a great way to get tax cut loving libertarians and conservatives to do and care more about the environment. *Ah-hem.*  In any event, my clear intent is to bridge the gap between left and right on this issue, and whichever group does that first, will take the center and the lead.

The Q&A begins at the 50 minute mark, and has some interesting remarks.

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