Monday, April 15, 2013

Can Tax Cuts Beat Global Warming? My Tax Day Interview

Most people hate paying taxes, especially today, Tax Day.  So please check out and share my Tax Day interview below with NobleProfit's awesome CEO, Amy Seidman, for thoughts on how to save the planet by giving taxpayers a break on green energy investments.

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Here is a version of the accompanying NobleProfit article:

NobleProfit Interview with Rod Richardson: Can Tax Cuts Beat Global Warming?

Most people hate paying taxes, especially today, Tax Day. In this video interview, Rod Richardson, the blogger behind Green Energy Tax Cuts, puts forward a planet-and-taxpayer-friendly idea: fight global warming by eliminating all taxes on green energy investments. Rod argues this will lead to a massive influx of new investment in clean energy, and produce less pain and more prosperity than any existing policy alternative, with an appeal across party lines... because it won't cost taxpayers a dime.

The Green Energy Tax Cuts proposal fuses a traditionally liberal passion about global warming and clean energy with a traditionally conservative love of tax cuts and supply side economic policy. In this interview, Rod explains some of the barriers to liberals and conservatives coming together on this issue, and shows a possible avenue toward political consensus. He also explains why it is painless and far more effective to grow the clean energy sector rapidly by eliminating all investment, capital gains and estate taxes on green energy.  Doing so would attract billions in new investment to successful business models, while other more punitive and costly approaches ultimately promote failure and attract opposition.

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